programming can be quite addictive…

To get into programming, there are quite a few great development platforms to attract the interest of young people in a playful way. These platforms allow an immediate visualization and come with a lot of samples on the Internet.Here are some of the best examples how to get into programming:


This platform is from a Canadian company, is a good starting point for younger kids from the age of 10 or so. It works with “turtles” (which can be any image) and simple commands to move them around


This is a tool from the University of Kent is a good recommendation for more advanced exercises. It is based on Java, and many younger students love it.

There are even samples linked to Minecraft:


This platform is developed by MIT, and is very intuitive and powerful.  So, for kids of 12 upwards, this is a great start to programming.

Once you find the platform that suits you best, the best way to get into programming is to just get stuck in and learn by trial and error.

Ideally you learn together with someone else, or have a more advanced programmer who can help you. But if that is not an option, there is always a lot of examples and support online.