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Math is one of those topics where it helps to get some support. Here are some ideas and reference websites that I have checked out as the best free websites for math support.

Search in Google

If you struggle with a specific topic, I find it is best to do a search in Google. You will find loads of help on specific topics, and lots of good videos with help. This is often a lot faster than navigating on of the sites below.

Nevertheless here is a list of 5 websites that will be able to help you. Some even have a test to help identify the areas where you need most support

Patrick JMT

There is a very easy to navigate list of topics, and loads of easy to understand no-nonsense videos.

Khan Academy

Loads of video, and a good overview of all the math topics. Once you register, you can keep track of progress, and can even do some tests to see areas for improvement.

Cliffs notes

Lots of subjects,  lots of good notes. This is not so video based, but the notes are quick and easy if you don’t have the need or patience of need for a video.

I practice math

There are a lot of math lessons, and assessments.  iPracticeMath also offers 24/7 learning support.

Paul online math notes

Again this Is not so much video based, there are a lot of revision notes and some good sample questions. The special benefit of this site is that the practice questions are explained step by step, rather than disclosed as one solution. This is perfect for understanding the specific area where students get stuck, and how the problem can be broken down.

Further reference sites:

Student tutor

This is a great list of free websites, written by experienced tutors. This is the best reference we found, also for younger grades.

Homeschool base

This website has a focus on home schooling, but there are still some good references, often with online support, but many are not free.

This website list is sorted by different topics and is very well researched.

These are links to help with teaching and learning of maths

Another list of useful maths resources

If you have other good tips, please let me know!